Whole Foods Market Recipes is a Tasteful App for iPhone and iPad

Whole Foods Market Recipes – As awareness in food preparation, such as gluten-free foods or diabetic-friendly dishes, and an appreciation for natural and organic foods grows, it’s not surprising to see so many companies responding in kind. Whole Foods Market has developed an app for iPhone that is designed to help those interested in preparing meals and dishes from natural and organic foods, with or without dietary preferences. Whole Foods Market Recipes is available for iPhone and the iPad for free and is actually an impressive recipe app for anyone.

When it comes to what comes in and out of my kitchen, I can use all the help I can get. I like to browse recipe apps like All Recipe’s Dinner Spinner and I found Whole Foods Market Recipes to be an equally useful app – especially for healthy cooking. There are several features to Whole Foods Market Recipes, but one of my particular favorites is the “on hand” feature. It allows you to enter up to three items or ingredients you already have and then supplies you with recipes containing those ingredients. Granted, the more specific you are about category and dietary preferences, the fewer, if any, results you get, but it’s a nice feature for when you’re in a dinner-prep pinch.

Other features of Whole Foods Market Recipes is to narrow your recipes search by course, category, and dietary preference. These preferences include dairy free, fat free, gluten free, sugar conscious and vegan. You can further narrow your search by breakfast, dinner, desserts, salads, and more courses, as well as budget and kid-friendly dishes. Granted, you can’t perform multiple selection searches, such as fat-free vegan, but it’s definitely covered the basics individually. There are a fair amount of unique recipes in each category and the display of recipes is quite tasteful.

Not only can you view a description, as well as photos for many, you get separate views of ingredients and preparation. The overall presentation of each recipe is quite nice, but I am a visual person and wish there were photos of all recipes. As it is, even those absent of pictures still gives a brief description of the dish.

Obviously Whole Foods Market Recipes is intended to supply recipes using ingredients that Whole Foods Market retail locations carry. You can use the app to find the nearest Whole Foods Market location, but keep in mind that the recipes aren’t limited to use only with their products. This is part of what makes it nice – no specific brand names or impossible substitutions. For free, Whole Foods Market Recipes is a well designed recipe app.

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