Wordsplosion is a Fun, Frantic Word-Guessing Game for iPhone and iPad

If you love a good word game, then check out Concrete Software’s newest release Wordsplosion. Available beginning today, Wordsplosion is a race against the clock – and the alphabet – in a unique, fast-paced word-guessing game that is easy to learn but not always easy to win.

Wordsplosion is all about guessing the word and beating the clock. Play begins with a five-letter word and the first letter of the word is provided. Start guessing words by filling in the remaining letters and hope that through the process of elimination and letter rearrangement, you can decode the word in the time.

Wordsplosion is a word-guessing game that challenges players to think quickly. Sure, the first letter is supplied, but you only have so much time to narrow it down. Players fill in the remaining letter spaces and have five tries to guess the word. To make it easier, Wordsplosion keeps track of the words you’ve guessed, the letters you’ve eliminated and if you guess a correct letter, but not its placement in the word, it puts the letter off to the side.

With a level head and a bit of quick thinking, you might be able to guess the word before the timer runs out. When you’ve failed to guess three words, it’s game over.

Wordsplosion is a fun and fast-paced word game that puts a slightly new twist on classic hang-man style word games. Rather than guess at individual letters one at a time, Wordsplosion requires you to guess complete words. When you add in the element of time, it’s a challenge that sounds easier than it is. If you’re really methodical (and quick) you can narrow it down fairly quickly, but sometimes you’ll just be stumped. There are hints available, but they aren’t unlimited and must be earned back after each use.

Though Wordsplosion is a bit unique as far as word games go, it keeps the basic elements of a good word game intact. Players are definitely required to use their brains, but not to the point of grey matter melt down. The objective is to see how many rounds you can survive and how high of a score you can earn. Successful word streaks will earn you bonus points and might even earn you an extra fail. To keep it competitive, Wordsplosion challenges players to try to make the high-score list.

Wordsplosion is a free, ad-supported app. The ads are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the playing field, but of course you can opt to remove ads for a $2.99 in-app purchase. For a bit of free frantic wordplay, Wordsplosion is a solid word game that challenges players in a fun and different way.

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